Eastern Europe 2018

In summer 2018 I decided to make a dream route a reality, inspired by snails I packed with me a small household behind my back, told everyone in the office that they shall not wait for me in the coming days, for the last time looked around Prague and set off on a more than three months trip around (not only) eastern Europe.

The Route

First I followed the arch of the Carpathian ridge eastwards towards the Black sea, there I turned northwards to the North Cape and from there back south home again. In 105 days I visited 16 countries, on the bike rode 9356 kilometres, I saw the beauty of Carpathian mountains in the poor Zakarpatie, Odessa, the infamous Chernobyl, the tranquil and remote countryside with beautifully clean lakes in Belarus and the Baltic states, Sankt Peterburg, Finland including the sparsely inhabited Lapland during the nicest summer they had there in years, Norwegian fjords as well as the highest Norwegian mountains, or the summer Baltic coast from Denmark to Poland.