Southern France

Southern France

From Pyrenees to the seaside

It was very interesting to ride down from Pyrenees to France and observe the changes in the countryside: first clearly mountainous environment, which then changed into forests and fields that felt like at home in Czech. But after a while the countryside changed again into a typical southern French, sunny, full of vineyards, castles and the typical architecture.

Through the vineyards I went to Carcassonne, where the famous fortress is actually a fortified medieval town rather than a castle. And from there I followed a very pleasant route around the astonishing Canal du Midi, which connects the Atlantic with the Mediterranian. I continued along the canal all the way to the coast. There I gave my last good bye to the sea at this trip by spending a night on a hill with perfect view all around, towards the sea as well as inland. From there I headed to Montpellier, the last stop of this cycling journey.

Return home

My plan was to take a fast train from Montpellier to Strasbourg and from there via Germany home. But it turned out that in entire France there are only a few spots for bicycles in the fast trains and all of them in trains going anywhere east were sold out. So I had to take a bit more complicated route: by three French regional trains to Geneve, from there to Bodensee, across the lake by a ship and only then again by train from Germany home.

I am coming back fully charged by solar energy and 20°C now feels to me like cold. Statistics: 2 108 km cycled, no punctures, if not counting a punctured sleeping pad.